Adapter plate for BOSS pedals
By Pedal Room Italy

Lf Italy Srl

Most of those who own a pedal like this will wonder why mount a topper on a pedal like the Boss since it already has a large surface to activate the switch?

The answers to this question could be different but probably the most interesting are two:

# The first answer could be for a purely aesthetic reason, given the possibility of mounting toppers in different colors it may be more pleasant to have a switch with a color other than the black of the rubber that is present on all models of this type of pedals...

# The second, perhaps the most important, in case the activation of the switch is difficult due to the configuration of the pedal board, our adapter for mounting toppers could be the solution.

An easy-to-assemble plate that allows you to install a topper and then raise the pedal activation surface, basically an extension of the switch.
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